Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

Grassland Owl - Tyto longimembris

On another early morning walk, I was lucky to find two Grassland Owls. This is the second encounter this year, where I have been able to find such incredible birds nesting on the floor of the woods.

Here we can perfectly see the long legs that define the species of grassland owls. As they sleep in the woodlands and long grasses almost perfectly camouflaged in the scrub. They are browner than most other barn owls of this type, for this reason. Their long legs helping them stand on the ground so their feathers remain clean too. These owls can also be found in the more swampy regions around Australia as a result, as they can stand, and sleep in the marshland grass without getting wet.

In the local Aboriginal culture of this region, they were believed to be spirits and ghosts. If you were to stumble upon these at night one could only the imagen the experience of a white figure suddenly flying towards the sky. from the bush below.

Tags: australian wildlife, grassland owl, tyto longimembris
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