Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

Project Submission - Lens-culture magazene

Today's photograph is a still life composition that was put together for the national storytelling photography competitions with Lens-culture.

The way the photograph was composed was looking around my old room, and taking photographs that I thought best-reflected personalities, metaphors, with detailed objects that promote symbolism and idealistic views for the 21st century. As such that it blends popular books with the ones I have actually read cover to cover. This would in effect make the image more appealing as viewers, as they start to find something in the image they relate to as well.

The result was essentially a low mode golden sepia image of a bookshelf. However, I think it is quite a powerful composition and the techniques used were fairly foolproof as there is no digital noise and minimal disturbance and blurriness apart from what was intentional in the image.  The entry description was detailed with puns, and many other intelligent and witty comments that hopefully will aid the image with its submission.


Tags: lens-culture, photography

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