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Danger Falls NSW - Mavic Pro

Today I woke up at 6am to head out to Dangarsly NSW about 30 minutes south of Armidale. Home to Danger falls, in the gorge. The Waterfall alone is over 300m tall, and the surrounding landscape is quite picturesque. I promised to take a student of mine here; however, it did not happen due to the school's policy. Instead, I decided to sample the area today.

The lighting conditions were not great, but I decided to have a go anyway. I think that I will invest in a polarising lens filter soon, as the sky cannot be seen in most of the photographs. Even at 6:30am, the light is so harsh on the camera it whites out the sky. Another option would be to shoot in RAW; however, this may result in delays due to having to put everything through adobe lightbox.

Never the less; it was good to get out and sample the area. I can always come back when conditions and lighting is good again. The Rest of this week we have storms forecast for the region. So I don't think I will be able to get out and about until it has all cleared up. The other killer will be a return to work on Monday next week. Until then I also have a lot to do in my office working out the logistics of the new school year.

More Photographs;

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