Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

Dragon Week 2018 - Intellagama Part 3

Today's photograph details the swirling green backdrop of the forest in a pale tinted background in contrast to today's subject.

Today's dragon displays a charictoristicly red coloured scale on the breast of the portrait. Alongside a most curious eye, this lizard was found resting in the sunlight on a fallen tree. The bright red scales almost look like metallic armoured plates, in comparison to the pale coloured details of this dragon.

As the search continues, it is apparent that these lizards like there privacy, and the use of a 600mm lens is required to capture the details of these lizards from up to 10m away. Although fierce looking, they are in fact only about a meter long, and 20cm wide.

Tags: australian water dragon, dragon week, intellagama, photography
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