Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

Dragon Week 2018 - Intellagama Part 1

This week I am searching the forests and creek-lands of NSW, in search of the dragon population.

Australian Water Dragons, are classified into two species. The broader Australian Water Dragon Classification, and the Gippsland Water Dragon subspecies.  However, in between these classifications as we will see, is a huge variety of colours, body shapes, and sometimes personalities. Given their merits, they are incredibly intelligent. A world we are yet to fully observe and understand is how intelligent and cunning these lizards actually are.

Today's photograph details an amazing yellow eye, and striped colouration on the body. In addition to the spikes on the dorsal of the neck and an incredibly detailed overview of such a creature.

Tags: australia, australian water dragon, i. l. howittii, i. l. lesueurii, intellagama, water dragon
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