Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

Koala and Koala Joey

Springtime in NSW brings forward the next generation into the bush. Seen here we have a Koala and her Joey.

Today's photo is imperfect, but made use of a good trick in camera physics by using a strong light on the subject to black out the background. With the light detailing the fur on the koala very well. Points of improvement need to be focused on the clarity on the faces and waiting until the koalas are looking further forward. They look a little dazed and cross-eyed as a result.

The weekend of koalas, has been a success and will have to go out looking more often.

Tags: australia, joey, koala, wildlife
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The Joey's look is childishly naive and his Mom's eyes are philosophic and kind. They are a perfect family.