Capital Shadow - Lens-Culture 2020 Portrait Competition

Capital Shadow, is a portrait composed of the spoils of coal mining and the shadow of a person. The two elements in this picture are combined to form a metaphor that accounts for the vast amounts of environmental destruction caused by the Australian coal industry.  The rubble represents the scar that will be left behind in the natural world. The shadow represents the source of the destruction. The portrait is faceless, and a clever reminder of the impact that we are having on our planet.

Botanical Emblems of Australia

Wilst traveling around Australia and visiing the ecosystems where so many of the wildlife florished in the vastly diffrent biomes of Australia. It was evident that in eatch state there were magor botaical groupings and also some plants that were very unique to their landscape. Many years ago, possibly near the foundation of eatch state flowers were assigned as a state flower. Nowing significantly more than what I learned in primary school, I am going to digest the botanical emblems of Australias' States and Territories.

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Rainbow Lorikeets - New Species Classifications

In rather unexpected news, the Rainbow Lorikeet has been broken up into 3 distinct new categories.

The common rainbow lorikeet, as seen below is best known for its sugar-loving antics, and hyperactivity. However, after the discovery of minor variations in appearance, this very common denomination has been split into new categories first hinted by subtle differences in appearance. In which they can not interbreed, and are genetically distinct.

The Coconut Lorikeet - Is best identified by its blacker face, and black stripy appearance that adorns the red colouration of the bird's breast. Found in the Northern regions of tropical Australia and the Asia Pacific region, this bird loves coconut flowers and any sugary treat it can get its hand on. With very similar traits this bird is very hard to distinguish from the common variety. However, once the black colours are seen, alongside legs similar to that of a scaly breasted lorikeet. It is clear that this bird is very distinct.

The Northern Lorikeet - Also known as the 'red-neck lorikeet', for obvious but subtle reasons. Gave rise to a distinguished bird that prides itself on the bright orange and red stripe on the back of its head. Ironically this bird also inhabits the same region of Australia known for it's Bogans and Rednecks. Leaving it with the local term: Northern Lorikeet.

While the news of the Rainbow Lorikeet discovery is not groundbreaking, due to the nature of such a common bird. It can show you what photography and birdwatching can achieve. As the birds are now treated differently based on their rarity, and newfound classifications.

Common Lorikeet

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Cracking a tough mystery - The colour of bird eggs

In the world of birds, there are only two major pigments: one being green-ish and the other a dark red-brown. Which when mixed with the shell of calcium carbonate gives an almost infinite range of textures and possibilities. With uses of these pigments dating back to the age of dinosaurs, it is certainly a long-running observation.

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New Years Eve 2020 - Sydney Harbour Fireworks

Australia's Sydney Harbour Bridge is on of its most famous icons. Every new years eve in modern times has been celebrated by launching fireworks into the night sky. With famous all night parties, live music, and the Australian Broadcasting Channel (ABC) and many others, televising the show to the nation. This year raising over a hundred thousand dollars for the bush fire appeal at the same time.

Now for the photographs of the event.

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Happy New Year - 2020

The beginning of a new decade and the start of many new adventures and discoveries.
Looking out into the wonder of the world, there are still many questions to answer and experiences to be part of.
100 years ago marked the roaring 20's, a period in time where the grand department stores opened the world to the everyday people.
Where Science aided the ambitions of men, and the discoveries were broadcast by radio and later television.
The age of medicine woke children whose fate would have been a diabetic coma, and antibiotics cured diseases as if a miracle had occurred.
As the world progresses into another decade, it is more exighting than ever to see what discoveries and innovations will unfold.


Sydney - Surrounded by fire

For a few months now waking up while being surrounded by smoke has been an issue. However, the cause of the persistant smog is of the greatest concern.

At present, Sydney is under threat of being completely surrounded by fire, cutting off major roads and further choking the city with thick smoke. With estimates that there could be a combined fire front up between 400,000 and 500,000 hectares of burnt land. The equivalent of 1/4 of Brittan being on fire, in estimate. With the total area already lost to other fires being greater than some European countries.

The next week has been declared a state emergency, and the festive season is now overshadowed by the fires. Most people are resigned to the out of control nature of these events. Others simply stating that there can't be much left to burn. However, the situation from the fire-fighters perspective is to simply do their best.

Below: a prediction of the worst case scenario by a local newspaper.

NSW Bushfires 2019 - Australia

This year we have been battaling bushfires months earlier than normal. In solidarity with the fire chiefs of both Australia and America, this trend is becoming more prevalant. As previously 4 motnhs of the year were prone to fire, now we face an extended extream fire season. With large fires starting in August for us, at others that start all the way till late Febuary. With no other explanation other than that our changing climate.

At present fore the first time in living memory, Sydney and most of the coastline has been put on a 'catastrpphic' fire warning in NSW. With uncontrolled fires sweeping NSW. As a result: because the school that I teach at is surrounded by the Ku-ring-gai National Park, we have been advised to close. As powerfull, hot, and dry winds beat down the gully filled with smoke. Hospitals are also afraid of opperating, due to power outages. Nearby my own house is also at the highest possible risk. I am listening to the radio, with the intent to leave if advised at any moment. As there is no support and no chance of fighting any fire, should it take hold.

My close firends in regional NSW however have lost much more. Armidale is cloaked in a thick smoke making it difficult to breath. North in Torrington and Wytilbah near Glen Innis NSW, many friends have lost their houses to fire. With all surrounding houses lost and even the only school. Seen on the TV this morning, a man in a white ute was making his way out of the destruction zone. In tears and scared for his life, he could hardly talk on camera because two of his friends had died trying to escape.

Currently there is only sadness and anger at the uncontrolled fires, directed at our prime minester and liberal government. Who still refuse to take on board policies taking climate change into account. Refuseing to meet with head fire chiefs warning of these changes and trends in our region. Refusing to talk about the buget cuts to the rural fire bregades, and much more. He is going to have a lot to answer for in the next few coming days.

Today, all I can do is listen to the radio for more news. The Salvation Army has asked for tinned food, blankets, and also furniture to give back to the people of reginal NSW. Our community is sending up what he have, and charities are giving almost all they have to the victims. Opening their doors to take in those in need, and giving hope to those who have lost everything.

The Wytilbah Fire

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